Customer Testimonials

My little Demetre loves Happy paws he's always excited and looking forward to being brought here. The workers care for the dogs and always make sure my boy is properly behaving, you can see how passionate they are for their work. I love it here wouldn't take my dog anywhere else!!

Staff is amazing.i checked out another place in mississauga and wouldn't leave my dog there to be caged on the wall. This place and staff are dedicated and amazing.

My boy has severe separation anxiety and he doesn't even pay attention to me while I'm there! He leaped out of the truck to get through the door this am. Absolutely fantastic staff. Very caring and understanding that we pet owners love our dogs like family.

It's my dog's favourite place on earth I think.

I've never found a better doggy daycare. This was the first daycare I went to with my puppy Arlo (4 months at the time). The staff was welcoming, not afraid to show me the areas where the dogs were kept and were completely transparent about how they treated the dogs. Arlo and I recently moved to Vancouver and are having a hard time finding a good daycare with all the qualities we found at Happy Paws. We didn't know how good we had it in Milton. Awesome staff and awesome facility!!!!

I have a very social energetic husky and he begs to go. It is a huge Joy for him and a relief for me. They are very well cared for.

Love Happy Paws! They have done wonders for getting our girl Gracie more socialized with other dogs.

~Happy Paws has had several different clients report that their dog used to bark uncontrollably whenever he/she saw another dog. Since spending time at Happy Paws socializing with peers, owner and dog can now meet other dogs while taking a walk, and the Happy Paws dog remains calm and in control.